Am I satisfied with my career? – which means what I do everyday.


According to my result of psychological test, I am very much satisfied with my career at this moment.
I was so surprised to hear it at first, but on second thoughts it could be true.

I always do what I can do the best at the moment.
I try to reach or go over my limit everytime. And I do it without any forces. I do it naturally basically.

Am I satisfied?

Seeing objectively, I am not satisfied about my career, my situation, where I am.

I am eager to go farther.
I don’t want to stop by my current spot even if I felt it comfortable.
The situation is always changing. Changing the situation, I feel it’s too much comfortable and also feel necessity to go out of this circle.
Nobody tells me if I should go or stay but I have this feeling.

I know this kind of “moody„ emotion could often occur some problems and then I miss my trust from others.
It is time to face this problem too, and I need a lot helps from somebody.
I need to learn how to trust somebody or how to ask somebody me to help.
It might be general relationship but it might be unusual for me.
I really need my own way to live along with this side of my character.

Or not…?

On the other hand, from my point of view, I am satisfied with my situation; the results of everyday, which means I worked in the best way, in my believing way everyday.
Extremely speaking, I will never regret if I die tomorrow.

Of course honestly, I want to live because I have a lot lot loooooots of things what I want to do and I am very happy to live everyday.

It is not like a straight street but it’s tough road, there are many path.

I work just what I can do today at the moment. I am ahead to future not in the past.

I am living just “now„

I still forget this own word to live sometimes but I always stay beside it.

That’s why I am satisfied with my career, meaning what I did today.
And I just repeat it.